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Private loan

Low loan interest rate 、high loan amount and simple approval process

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Easy to solve the financial needs, grasp every opportunity

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Private loan

Period: repayment period from 3 months to 48 months

Amount: up to 20 times the monthly salary

Rate: the lowest monthly interest rate of 0.8%

Application method: visit the branch, telephone application, online application can be

You can whatsapp / wechat to provide a document that can be used for approval

Don’t need to review the credit report

Summary of staging loan product:

1, Shortest 3 months and up to 60 months repayment .

2, Rate up to 59% actual annual interest

3, Brief description of the loan costs are as follows:

  • Amount: 10000 / 12 months of installment
  • monthly repayment amount is HK $ 913 – HK $ 1103
  • Interest rate: Low rate of 0.8% -2.7%
  • Actual annual interest rate: 19.12% – 57.4%

4,We will retain the final approval of all loans,

  • Total repayment amount: HK $ 10956 – HK $ 13236

Quick application (just 15 minutes)

Please contact us by post, email 、 phone, or fill out the form online.


Phone :  2660 8188



Business hours :10:00am-6:30pm

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Important statement

Recent discovery of a lot of posing as the company’s staff promotion or promotional phone, the company long-term Finance Limited (Long Journey Finance Limited) hereby declares that Long-term Finance Limited does not entrust a third party or former clerk to use Customer Information for any promotion、promotion or proxy credit business. All non-long-term financial Limited to provide the product 、service 、promotion or promotion, and the company does not matter.

In order to avoid being misled and suffered losses, the customer will not be able to disclose any personal information and call 2660 8188 or e-mail to cs @ longjfinance immediately if he / she receives any call from the former employee of the long distance finance company or has any doubts about the identity of the caller. Contact and verify with Customer Service Officer of Long Distance Finance Limited.

If you find any act of fake the name of the company, long-range Finance Co., Ltd. must take legal action to protect the interests of customers and corporate image