Private loan

Careful service, rest assured entrusted
Private loan
  • Check credit records
  • Loan amount of salary 18 times
  • Apply by all walks of life
  • 30 minutes approved, that day to identify
  • Repayment period of up to 48 months
  • Confidential information, no miscellaneous fees
Debt relief
Is through debt restructuring with the debtor's largest creditor to negotiate a repayment scheme. In the whole process, as long as the largest creditor is willing to accept the debtor's repayment plan, the creditor will unify all the debt owed by the debtor, so the debtor only need to follow the bill on the repayment method, Repay all the money to the largest creditor every month.
Devaluation of "Simple, Easy, Fast" loan service
Telephone immediately approved, express withdrawals, to help owners flexible turnover, easy to achieve the ideal of life.
Devaluation of "Simple, easy, fast" loan service
Simple Simply apply by phone , follow-up one-on-one
Easy No proof of income and complicated documents;daily calculate interest ,advance payment does not generate interest
Fast 30 minutes quickly approved,Get money quickly within 24 hours,Flexible repayment

Clause statement

I / We declare that all information contained in this application form is true, correct and complete.

I understand that Long Journey Finance Limited will process the information I have submitted in accordance with my privacy policy.

I agree that Long Journey Finance Limited will obtain my credit report from the Credit Information Service for use as a secondary and future loan approval.

The amount and terms of the mortgage depends on the type and circumstances of the property and the Company reserves the right to terminate the loan offer at any time and the final approval of the loan.